UABgrid is a distributed campus-wide computing environment that connects HPC resources across campus and offers access to regional resources via SURAgrid, TeraGrid and beyond. UABgrid leverages Globus technologies for system inter-connectivity and Shibboleth for federated identity management. UABgrid enables the construction of automated research workflows by providing consistent user identities and system interfaces across all HPC resources on campus. Through continuous research, UAB is unifying access to available systems and deploying applications in a manner that integrates grid related technologies with tools that applied scientists are accustomed to using. Our research in metaschedulers and workflow systems aims to provide seamless access to bioinformatics applications such as BLAST and NAMD. In order to maximize resource utilization and provide users with reduced application execution times, much work as been done on job scheduling. Through innovative scheduling methods, cluster applications have been successfully transitioned to grid nodes in such a way to exploit heterogeneity of available hardware and improve overall application performance.